Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Illegal to Sell Items

Contraband Items

Over the years, viewpoints and laws have changed so that items that were legal are now illegal. When it comes to estate sales, things can become tricky when said items are put up for sale. Rather than be subjected to the long-arm of the law, you will want to conduct a bit of research on items you feel are questionable.

Goods That Are Illegal to Sell

Items that tend to pop-up in estate sales are weapons, animal products, and tobacco.
Legislation for firearms has changed and there are now restrictions based on the personal ownership of weapons.  Depending on the caliber and type of firearm, there are certain restrictions that prevent ownership of a gun to pass with ease.
In many other countries, living animals are captured and sold as pets. Or their pelts and parts of their bodies are taken and sold freely. In the United States, certain animals are illegal as pets and items such as ivory from an elephant cannot be bought and sold.
The selling of cigarettes without taxes is illegal and certain types of tobacco are illegal to sell in the U.S. Cuban cigars in particular are still illegal to bring to the states unless you are a license traveler and are allowed to export certain transactions.

Estate Sale in Long Island, NY

A good rule of thumb when conducting an estate sale is researching items you may feel wary about. If you need the help of a professional, look to Full of Surprizes. We can help you with all of your estate sale needs. 

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