Thursday, April 10, 2014

Preparing for Spring Estate Sales Treasures in New York by Full of Surprizes Estate & Tag Sales

After this long, cold Winter in New York, it's great to head outside with just a light jacket for company. And of course, hit the tag sale trail!

Estate Sale and Garage Sale signs seem to be popping up everywhere! It's back to a world full of surprises and possibilities!

I am always amazed when I walk into a potential customers home. What do I look for? What will make a great tag sale?

1.  I look for abundance. Abundance isn't always evident when you first walk in. Lots of times the homeowner has carefully packed it all away so that they can sell their home. Cluttered homes tend to look smaller.

2.  The size really matters. Bigger homes have more stuff! More places to hide their possessions. So, it's more likely that they will have more then enough for a successful sale.

3. Location, location, location: Nicer neighborhoods often = nicer stuff. Better quality. Enough said.

4. Age of home: Older homes often have older items which are often more collectible. But, well maintained homes often have quality furnishings which are also very desirable!

5. Estates tend to have more items for sale. The family tends to take less as they often live a distance from the home.

6. Dirty, poorly maintained homes often sell for less money. ... and the contents also sell for less. But sometimes, they have amazing treasures inside, packed up from days past. So, leave gloves and a flash light in your car and don't wear heels or fancy clothes when you go out tag sailing.

7. Have fun. Try not to sweat the small stuff. Remember, there's always another great sale, just around the corner!