Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Art World Done the Millennial Way

Art and Millennials

Many industries, such as the wine industry, are transitioning their business to cater to Millennials. The art world is now in a state of reinvention to tailor to the tastes of this new group. Since their taste are less exclusive and are more willing to take risks.
Even with a limited budget, twenty to thirty year olds have the habit of splurging on certain luxury items and art has fallen into that category. The way they go about finding and purchasing artwork is also different. They are no longer limiting themselves to purchasing works from galleries. They now buy online from credible sites or keep in touch with the artist directly through social media.

Estate Sales in Roslyn, NY

Ultimately, Millennials want to be involved in the process of researching and buying their pieces. They may not have much knowledge about art history but are willing to do the investigating on a piece and prefer art with meaning. If your estate includes pieces of artwork you are looking to sell, our appraisers at Full of Surprizes can help you. There is always a market for new and older pieces, especially with Millennials. For more information, contact us today.