Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tiffany Skylight Discovered

Hidden by Plasterboard at famed Carlton Hotel in Manhattan

These are the kinds of things that happen in New York. Amongst a bustling renovation of the notorious Carlton Hotel, a beautiful stain glass skylight was unearthed. A symbol of the Art Nouveau movement, it turns out the work was designed by legendary glass maker Louis Tiffany and is said to be valued at over a million dollars.

Louis Tiffany

His father was a historic jeweler Charles Tiffany of Tiffany & Co. Where Sr. exceled at jewelry design, the younger Tiffany did at glass making, establishing his own shop in Queens in 1878. There, his popularity grew as he honed his use of opalescent glass and unique coloring in lamps, stain glass, mosaics, and ceramics. His work can be found in the White House, churches, and museums across the country.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lloyd Harbor Estate Sales

Items you may find at a Lloyd Harbor NY estate sale

Lloyd Harbor, New York of Suffolk County is not just a historically rich Long Island village, it is a historically rich American village. When an estate sale is held in Lloyd Harbor here are some common antiques you will probably run into.

Nautical Goods

The town, including Caumsett State Park, encompasses a peninsula. Just as it is not rare to see boats sail past and around the area, it is not rare to stumble upon a boating antiquity at an estate or tag sale.

Revolutionary Relic

Lloyd Harbor definitely felt the affects of the United States Revolution. The town was famously divided throughout the war. If you collect items from the Revolution, an estate sale in Lloyd Harbor is a good place to look.

Antique Jewelry

Long Island is known for its estate period. At the turn of the twentieth century, large mansions began to line the Island's north shore. Lloyd Harbor was no exception. Ornate jewelry accompanied the immense wealth flowing through the area. Exchanging hands over the years, priceless pieces can always be found at a Lloyd Harbor estate sale.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Who You'll See at Estate Sales

In Roslyn and other parts of Long Island NY

The people who frequent estate and tag sales in Long Island are a lot like the items they purchase; diverse. Estate sales are great events that draw a variety of individuals. Here are the types of folks you'll most likely run into at one.

New Homeowners

Young couples, bachelors, even a group of college kids moving into a house for  the semester; all with one goal at an estate sale. Add items – furniture, dishes, etc – into their presumably empty houses.

Dealers and Antique Collectors

You can't miss these visitors. They are the one's taking their time, carefully inspecting the items that may hold some sort exceptional vintage worth. Another way of identifying antique dealers is that they are often the first ones arriving at a tag sale and they are the most determined to purchase the finer, higher quality items. This can range from fine antiques, jewelry, art, Quality furnishings (antique, traditional or contemporary), Mid century furnishings and decorative objects and even vintage musical instruments. Just in this last week we sold the 1956 Fender Telecaster in the picture above for more than $14,000. The best Antique Collectors can spot a true antique with just a glance.

Other Long Island Residents

Yes, an estate sale is beneficial to the buyer, but don't forget that they also benefit the seller. When you buy something at an estate sale, your helping the seller – in this situation, your fellow Long Island neighbor – accomplish a goal.

Full of Surprizes, embraces all who visit the estate and tag sales we hold. It means just as much to us as it does to the seller that you are helping out with the liquidation of the estate.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014


WANTED: Curious individual who likes to explore beautiful homes off the beaten track. Must being willing to get hands dirty at times and to take some risks!

So many people have no idea how wonderful the world of Estate Sales and Tag Sales are! It never ceases to amaze me when they think that in a state sale is equivalent to a garage sale. Below you will find photos of some of the wonderful items we've sold in the last months at our estate sales.this includes a pair of Waterford chandeliers, Fender telecaster guitar 1956, a Rolex watch, a council craftsman dining room table and 12 chairs. And estate sale is a smart savvy shopper's way to shop. Check out: You never know what you will find!!
Waterford chandelier

1956 Telecaster by Fender!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Great Neck, Roslyn, and Hewlett Harbor Tag Sales

Items you must buy at a Long Island tag sale

Estate sales are where antique collectors go to find rare valuables. If you are new to estate sales, here are some items to keep an eye on when you visit one.


When looking for items like shelving, dressers, and tables, try and identify how old it is. Many older pieces are usually comprised solely of wood. If kept up, the quality is usually supreme, and you'll most likely get it at a bargain.


Flatware made of sterling silver can be very expensive if purchased new. However, at an estate sale, it's very possible to find a used set that is not nearly as expensive.


Attention all young people moving into their first apartment or home: you can find dishes – nice ones – for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Whether its china or plastic, you'll have your friends over for dinner in no time! Full of Surprizes, invites you to join us at any of our many Long Island estate sales. With our 40 years of combined experience, you can expect a fair and quality buying and selling experience. Visit our website to see when and where our upcoming sales are!