Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lloyd Harbor Estate Sales

Items you may find at a Lloyd Harbor NY estate sale

Lloyd Harbor, New York of Suffolk County is not just a historically rich Long Island village, it is a historically rich American village. When an estate sale is held in Lloyd Harbor here are some common antiques you will probably run into.

Nautical Goods

The town, including Caumsett State Park, encompasses a peninsula. Just as it is not rare to see boats sail past and around the area, it is not rare to stumble upon a boating antiquity at an estate or tag sale.

Revolutionary Relic

Lloyd Harbor definitely felt the affects of the United States Revolution. The town was famously divided throughout the war. If you collect items from the Revolution, an estate sale in Lloyd Harbor is a good place to look.

Antique Jewelry

Long Island is known for its estate period. At the turn of the twentieth century, large mansions began to line the Island's north shore. Lloyd Harbor was no exception. Ornate jewelry accompanied the immense wealth flowing through the area. Exchanging hands over the years, priceless pieces can always be found at a Lloyd Harbor estate sale.

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