Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I was out and about this freezing day, going to people's homes who are looking for an estate sale or tag sale. I've developed a relationship with a 93+ year old woman who is such an amazing person. She lives independently with her two dogs…(their howling keeps away intruders and lets her know when someone's at the door). She's perfect! Totally independent, getting on the train into NYC to see show's and just enjoying living. I enjoy what has developed into monthly visits, helping her to begin to sell some of the huge collection of quality antiques and collectibles. Each time I visit she shows me something else that is a treasure of sorts.

One day it was a sterling silver tray, another day an antique mother of pearl large basket and today, A leather hand painted room divider with studs, probably from the 1920's.

Today, I was introduced to a two sided Springerie Wooden Cookie Mold, either Dutch or German, circa 1850's or earlier. Isn't it great?

Look at this magazine rack with the carved harp designs, $150.00

...and this leather, three panel hand painted screen, circa 1920's with studding, 
about 5'8l" tall and in great condition, front and back. $500.00

Framed antique glass sign

A reinvented collage

Much more to come!

All of these items can be for sale. Please inquire if interested 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Estate Sale & Tag Sale Talk on Long Island: Welcome to Full of Surprizes Tag Sales

Happy New Year Everyone!..from Madeline and

I'm home today, after the first winter storm of 2014, sitting in front of my mac, pondering the enormous world of art and decor. I can sit in my office for hours surfing the web, moving from one style of furniture to another, wowing at the beauty and creativity that went into their design. It's truly a great day to be at home.

There is nothing like attending a Winter Estate or Tag Sale on Long Island. Yes, the weather can be iffy and homeowners and tag sale goers are often concerned about the weather and figure that no one will attend. Well, that's not necessarily true. Some of my very best sales have been in January and February, with sidewalks hastily cleared from a storm the night before. I suppose that cabin fever and the possibility of purchasing a diamond in the rough treasure surpasses the trepidation about cold hands and feet and slick sidewalks.
                                                                                                                                                             Fewer homes are sell in the colder months and there are less tag sales taking place… so there is less competition and the more serious tag sale goers will attend. Tag Sale goers come from all walks of like. They are high end dealers with deep pockets and large customer bases, they are pickers who sell to others and make a small middle-man profit, they are selling on,, and other resale websites. Tag Sale goers are homeowners looking to buy below retail. They look for snowblowers, drapery and sofa's. They look for kitchenware, costume jewelry and clothing. Anything can sell at a tag sale.

You can go to one of the local estate sale sites and see this for yourself.,, and are just a few of my favorite local companies that advertise these events.

Full of Surprizes Estate and Tag Sales has many events coming up in January 2014. We will be all over Long Island including Old Westbury, Lake Success, Hewlett, Syosset and Northport. Each home is different and unique with many quality items available. Check out our website and check back soon.

Here is my favorite links of the day:
An interesting piece about Claudette Didul, Set decorator of the television show, "Mad Men".