Monday, March 30, 2015


The final installment in our 3 part series

For the conclusion of our foray into the status of once-popular antiques, we focus on a pair of famous figurines and a prominent brand of handcrafted baskets, whom like the others, have declined in popularity for a variety of reasons.

Precious Moments

A market crash, combined with overproduction, led to a decline in value over the years of these sweet statues. That hasn’t stopped admirers who continue to accrue massive collections of the charming children, especially now that they can be purchased for roughly $10 a figurine.


In recent years, these German-made, childlike statuettes reached the same demise of Precious Moments. Soldiers brought them home as souvenirs from World War II, only to become another victim of over production. However, they are a bit pricier than their American doppelganger, selling anywhere from $20 to $100.

Longaberger baskets

At first, handcrafted is always a great feature for a collectible. That’s precisely what appealed to fans of these intricate wooden baskets. However, the release of pricey limited editions, and a market crash, did a number on its value. They can be now found at swap meets for roughly $40.
Even though these items have fallen out of favor, there is always a chance they can bounce back into popularity. Trends in the antique world rise and fall just like every other industry. At Full of Surprizes, we follow the culture very closely and are always aware of fluctuating fads.
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