Sunday, August 17, 2014

Welcome to Full of Surprizes Tag Sales for a little Tag Sale Talk!

We have been unbelievably busy, as everyone is moving out in time for the new families to get their children into school! August is probably the busiest time of the year!

The first photo looks a bit serious but this young man is an budding artist and he finally has
a great, aluminum easel that he purchased at our mid-week sale from the home of an engineer. I'm promised that I will get to see some of his art! There were 10,000 books on every subject imaginable in that home and musical instruments including a viberphone! It was lots of fun!

These guys are having a great time and sharing the backseat with a large electrified lantern that they plan to put outside at the end of their Glen Cove, NY dock. Right now, the lantern is a shiny copper metal but it should develop a rich green patina, the kind you see on older historic buildings.... and they promise to send me a photo of that too. What a great find!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 Tips for Lowering Moving Expenses:

  1. Small Batches: A great way to save moving costs is to limit your time with a rented moving truck. If you can, move your belongings in smaller batches with your own car, and save your time with the truck for larger pieces of furniture.
  2. Timing: When moving, you can save a great deal of money with simple timing. Make sure you save yourself from paying double rents by moving at the end of a month rather than the beginning or middle.
  3. Estate Sale: Do not move junk. Sell the belongings you never use in an estate sale before you move to save the hassle of moving extra stuff, and make an extra few bucks along the way.

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