Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Whitney Finds a Home

In Manhattan’s Meatpacking District

On May 1st, the famed Whitney Museum of American Art opened the doors of its new, highly anticipated home atop Manhattan’s High Line in the Meatpacking District. The new digs have generated much intrigue, and is being hailed as an architectural marvel with admirers proclaiming it as an art piece itself.

Lack of space was the motivation for the Whitney’s move from its previous location on the Upper East Side where it spent the last 40+ years. The museum’s collection has grown extensively in that time, forcing trustees to look elsewhere. The new building doesn’t just boast display rooms, but performance space, classrooms, restaurants, terraces, and windows galore.

The new Whitney certainly doesn’t hold back on the aesthetics. A feature that art aficionados will appreciate. However, there are critics who claim that the grandeur of the building takes away from the art. Whichever way look at the new Whitney, the fact remains, this is where it’ll stay for years to come. Go see it for yourself!

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